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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2004 Accurate evaluation of pionium wave functionsP., Suebka
2010 Acetone-butanol-ethanol (abe) production from cassava and glycerol by clostridium acetobutylicumApichai, Sawisit
2004 Acid fracturing increases production in tight gas carbonateKriangkrai, Trisarn
1995 Acid tolerance and antibiolic resistance of some strains of bradyrhizobium applied in ThailandN., Teaumroong
1998 Acoustic impulse response mapping for acoustic communications in shallow waterCaimi, Frank M.
2006 Action principle and modification of the faddeev–popov factor in gauge theoriesK., Limboonsong
2006 Activated carbon from longan seed: its activation model and adsorption of water vapor and benzeneSupunnee, Junpirom
2007 Activated Carbon from Oil-Palm Solid Wastes: Preparation and CFD Simulation of Spouted Bed ActivatorPornthep Luangkiattikhun
2004 Active power filter design by a simple heuristic searchThanatchai, Kulworawanichpong
2004 Actived carbon from longan seed by carbon dioxide activationSupunnee, Junpirom
2004 An adaptive sliding-mode observer incorporating core lossWirote, Sangtungtong
2010 Admissible functions and frames for the metaplectic representationKampanat, Namngam
2005 An adsorption and kinetic study of lac dyeing on silkMontra, Chairat
2011 Adsorption and oxidation of ethanol on bimetallic catalysts containing platinum and base metal oxides supported on rh-mcm-41Kamolwan, Rintramee
2006 Adsorption and related studies on some flavonoid dyes from maclura cochinchinensis (lour.) corner and silk dyeingChutima, Septhum
2007 An adsorption and thermodynamic study of lac dyeing on cotton pretreated with chitosanSaowanee, Rattanaphani
2006 Adsorption kinetic study of lac dyeing on cottonMontra, Chairat; Saowanee, Rattanaphani; Bremner, John B.; Vichitr, Rattanaphani
2010 Adsorption of curcumin and extracted dye from turmeric rhizome (Curcuma longa Linn.) onto silk fibersSriwai, Kanhathaisong
2008 Adsorption of homoisoflavonoid and extracted dyes from heartwood of ceasalpinia sappan linn.on silk fibers and treatment of dye effluent by activated carbonsKamonchanok, Wongsooksin
2014 Adsorption of oleic acid using adsorbents derived from rice hushBenjaluck, Narachai
2015 Adsorption of oleic acid using adsorbents derived from sugarcane bagasseWimolmas, Siriwanitch
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