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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2009 Roper resonance in quark-gluon configurationsYan, Yupeng; Khanchai, Khosonthongkee; Nopmanee, Supanam
2002 Rotationally Invariant and Partially Invariant Flows of a Viscous Incompressible Fluid anf Viscous Gas.Meleshko, Sergey V.
2014 Ruin probability and minimum initial capital in finite time surplus process for non-life insurranceSoontorn, Boonta
2004 Sagitta morphology and crystalline structureon sulcus acusticus in nemipterus SPP.from coastal of ThailandSuwit, Jitpukdee
2004 Sagitta morphology of Channa spp.from southern area of ThailandKrainara, Porn-uma
2004 Sagitta morphology of some fishs in family belotidae from southerm area of ThailandP., Krainara
2004 Sagittal otoliths of Thai marine fishs in order perciformedSuwit, Jitpukdee
2006 Salt reserve estimation for solution mining in the khorat basinHathaichanok, Vattanasak
2001 The saraburi of triassic stratigraphy of thailand and Its implication for geotectonic evolutionChongpan, Chonglakmani
2005 Scanning electron microscopy study on using ethephon to increase pistillate/staminate flower production in cucumberY., Manakasem
2004 Scanning electron micrscope and nucleic acid technique aid the identification and diversity study of Thai rice-field crab.Sureelak, Rodtong
2002 Scenario–model–parameter: a new method of cumulative risk uncertainty analysisMoschandreas, D.J.
1999 Schwinger’s method of computations in synchrotron radiationNgarmjit, Jearnkulprasert
1998 Scope for integrated management of the leucaene psyllid, heteropsylla cubana by using resistant plant varieties and the predator, curinus coeruleus.Jutharat, Attajarusit
2002 Screening and characterization of aldehyde dehydrogenase gene from Halomonas salina strain AS11Thanya, Sripo
2012 Screening for effective trichoderma isolates for controlling verticillium wilt in potatoXiaojun, Chen
2555 Screening Neurological Examination&Basic life supportสราวุธ, สุขสุผิว
2009 Screening of chemical compounds for slowacting toxicant characteristics against subterranean termitesAbdus, Sattar; Zahoor, Salihah; Abid, Farid
2003 Screening of tropical mushroom lectinsPodjana, Chumkhunthod
2001 Screening phage-displayed combinatorial peptide librariesKay, Brian K.
1999 Second or foreign language acquistion theories : How do they fit into thai contexttsDhirawit Pinyonatthagarn
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