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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2004 Hydrothermal synthesis and structural studies of cobalt and vanadium oxide compoudsKittipong, Chainok
2003 Hydrothermal synthesisi and charaterization of NH3CH2CH2NH32+[(VO)2(VO4)2]2-Samroeng, Krachodnok; Kitipong, Chailnok; Haller, Kenneth J.
2012 Hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic effects of centella asiatica extract in male wistar ratsNattapon, Supkamonseni
2009 Identification and characterization of chitin binding peptide from phage display combinatorial libraryKhoushab, Feisal
2016 Identification and characterization of rice gibberellin beta-glucosidaseKetudat-Cairns, James; Hua, Yanling
2015 Identification and function of leukocyte surface molecule recognized by a newly generated monoclonal antibody cos3aSiriwan, Wansook
2009 Identification of accelerated aging conditions for seed vigor test in rice (Oryaz sativa L.)Suraj, Chhetri
2007 Identification of chitin binding proteins and characterization of two chitinase isoforms from Vibrio alginolyticus 283Wipa, Suginta
2008 Identification of defect structures through infrared and x-ray absorption spectroscopies first principlesJiraroj, T-Thienprasert
2004 Identification of Ga-intertitial defects in GaNy P1-y and Alx Ga1-xNy P1-yThinh, N. Q.
2003 Identification of hydrogen configurations in p-type GaN through first-principles calculations of vibrational frequencies.Sukit, Limpijumnong
1999 Identification of lactobacillus from the gastronintestinal tract,silage,and yoghurt by 165-235 rRNA gene intergenic spacer region sequence comparisionsTannock, G.W.
2015 Identification of OCT4 associated proteins in human embryonic stem cells and production of human basic fibroblast growth factorSumeth, Imsoonthornruksa
2556 Identification of rice beta-glucosidases hydrolyzing gibberellin glucoconjugatesYanling Hua; Ketudat-Cairns, James R.
2016 Identifying hazardous locations based on expected crash frequency on Yangon-Mandalay expressway in MyanmarThet Mon, Cho
2010 Image enhancement techniques for tele-slit lamp microscopyPathompong, Jaiwat; Thanarat, Sirijuntanun; Waree, Kongprawechnon; Toshiaki, Kondo; Kanokvate, Tungpimolrut
2009 Immobilization of pgpr to increase efficiency of plant growth promotion in hydroponic systemNareerat, Ma-on
2004 Immumodulation by Dok Din Daeng (Aegintia indica Roxb.)extracts in female B6C3F1 mice I .Stimulation of T cellsWimoinut, Auttachoat
2004 Immunomodulation by Dok Din Daeng(Aeginetia indica Roxb.)extracts in female B6C3F1 mice II. Humoral immunity, innate immunity and hematologyWimolnut, Auttachoat
2015 The impact of a social networking environment on the development of english writing skills of Thai University StudentsSuchada, Chaiwiwatrakul
2004 The impact of noise at different data attributesNittaya, Kerdprasop
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