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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Sep-2007 Fuzzy ARTMAP Technique for Speech Noise ReductionOonsivilai, Anant; Marungsri, Boonruang
2537 A fuzzy system aids visibility forecastingSarawut, Sujitjorn; Pairoj, Sookjaras; Wongwit, Wainikorn
2537 A fuzzy system aids visibility forecastingSarawut, Sujitjorn
2014 Gain enhancement of horn antenna using ebgSaran, Kampeephat
2010 Gas generation from anaerobic fermentation of animal manures and their residue applications on organic cropsLi, Yurong
1996 GB-splines and their propertiesBoris I., Kvasov
1999 GB-splines of arbitrary orderBoris I., Kvasov; Pairote, Sattayatham
1999 GB-splines of arbitrary orderBoris I., Kvasov
1999 GB-splines of arbitrary orderPairote, Sattayatham; Boris I., Kvasov
2006 Gel-forming ability of small scale mud carp ( Cirrhiana microlepis) unwashed and washed mince as related to endogenous proteinases and transglutaminase activitiesJirawat, Yongsawatdigul
2548 GELCASTING วิธีการขึ้นรูปเซรามิกสําหรับอนาคตสุธรรม, ศรีหล่มสัก
2549 Gelcasting วิธีขึ้นรูปวุ้นเซรามิกสุธรรม, ศรีหล่มสัก
2015 Gene cloning and characterization of mreb and ftsz from bacillus subtilisSunaree, Choknud
1996 Generalization of the equivalence transformations.Meleshko, Sergey V.
1996 Generalized B-splines and algorithms of shape-preserving approximation.Boris I., Kvasov
2015 Generalized simple waves of the gas dynamics equations adjoining through a shock waveWiparat, Worapitpong
2000 Generalized tension B-splinesBoris I., Kvasov
2003 Genetic characterization by microsatellite polymorphism in thai native chicken compare with broiler and layer fowlsChatchawan, Singhapol
2012 Genetic diversity analysis in sunflower (helianthus annuus L.)genotypes using rapd and ssr markersPanjama, Janyalert-a-dool
2003 Genetic diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi infected acacia mangium willdWeravart, Namanusart
2005 Genetic diversity of asian vigna analyzed by aflp and ssr molecular markers and interspecific hybridization between vigna radiata and vigna spp.Worapa, Seehalak; วรภา, สีหลักษณ์
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